About the Book
Lena Jellie Beana, Science Matters is a science-based, character-driven book, targeted for children ages 6-10.   Lena Jellie Beana is a 9 year old girl who enjoys conducting science experiments.  In Science Matters, her experiment goes terribly awry.  All of her classmates, including her science nemesis, will have their eyes on her to see her next move to resolve this blunder.  The conflict ignites as Lena tries to rectify this mistake and do what is right in her interactions with those involved.  Lena is not alone in her scientific journey - she has renowned scientists (Einstein, Imhotep, and Hypatia), her comedic friends, and pesky little brother to help her along the way in her discoveries in science and life lessons.

Lena Jellie Beana Science Matters